Kam Com Technologies, Inc. started in January, 1996. As time and technology has grown on the Power Category has as well. With laptops and Chromebooks being used now in every office. The Power category has taken off. Power is the source that keeps all hardware products turned on and functioning.

Our Power categories consist of AC Adapters which keep all electronics charged. Battery's which are found everywhere from. From a laptop, to a CMOS battery on a motherboard. Server Controller Cards will also have there own battery. Batterys are common now in a lot of different devices.

Power Cords have been extremely popular since every device needs a Power Cord to keep the charge. Most AC Adapters will use Power Cords and other devices the power cord is plugged straight into the device.

Power Module which is another form of a power unit Power Module or AC Adapter connects to the powered device (Printer, Scanner, Laptop, etc.) and converts the AC input to the power levels required by the device.

Power Supplys are one of our more common parts we sell a lot of. Power Supplys we carry are in all computers, Servers, and printers. Power Supply is a electronic device that supplies electric current energy to a electric load. The primary purpose of a power supply is to convert one form of electrical energy to another.

We specialize in all Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, and Apple power supplys. We carry hard to find power supplys that are next to impossible to find. We also carry the most common power supply that is most current in todays technology. Whether you have a server, PC, printer, we carry all shapes and sizes of power supplys.

Our last power category is a power switch. Every server, laptop, PC, or printer will have a power swich. After time turning devices on and off they begin to wear out.

Kam Com Technologies, Inc. will help you find your next power supply. Please contact your experienced Kam Com sales representative today at 800-542-9703.


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