Kam Com Technologies, Inc. grew into a networking supplier. Providing hard to find networking products to some of the largest companies in the US. Our networking products are increasingly expanding by the day. As technology grows faster more and more networking products are available. Our product line keeps on growing on the networking side. Here are a list of our sub categories for out networking products.

Bluetooth Cards are extremely popular. We specialize in hard to find Bluetooth Cards. In a lot of the laptops and chromebooks we carry Bluetooth Cards for them.

Fibre Channel Switch is another product we carry. Some of the manufactures we carry for Fibre Channel Switches are Brocade, Cisco Systems, HP, Dell, and QLogic.

Firewire Cards we also carry.  FireWire is Apple's name for the IEEE 1394 High Speed Serial Bus. We have sold Firewire Cards in Apple systems. Also, we have sold Firewire Cards in server environment.

Express Cards are another product we carry in the Networking Category. We specialize in hard to find Express Cards. Express Cards connect peripheral devices to your laptop computers.

Hubs and Switches are used in every Networking environment. Hubs and Switches connects devices together on a computer and server Network. Here are some of the manufactures we carry for Hubs and switeches, HP, Cisco, 3COM, D-Link.

Modems are mainly being replaced in printers and servers now. We have also been providing some of our clients like hospitals and major Government instituitions modems. These clients have proprietary systems that need hard to find modems. Our goal is to help keep our clients old technology current and functional.

NIC Cards - Network Interface Controller is a computer hardware card or compoent that connects computers, servers, printers to a network. We have been specializing in hard to find NIC cards into servers and printers. Kam Com Technologies, Inc. is a proprietary hardware specialist for NIC cards.

If you want pricing on anything that is not listed, or need help finding a part please call a representative from Kam Com Technologies, Inc. 800-542-9703



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