Kam Com Technologies, Inc. has been in business since 1996. Over the past several years we have grown into a technology provider that specializes in hard to find proprietary hardware boards.

Boards like motherboard, system board, backplane board, control board, IO Board, riser board, interposer board, expansion board. We carry several different boards that have different purposes.

Kam Com specializes in several different manufactures for boards. We sold Dell, HP, 3COM, ASUS, Apple, IBM, Lenovo, Creative Labs, Intel, MSI, and many more.

Kam Com Technologies, Inc. over the past several years has sold to some of the largest companies throughout the US. Helping them with there hard to find hardware needs for boards. We also have worked with several Government agancies thoughout the US. Providing them all boards that they can not find anywhere else in the US.

Learn more about how Kam Com Technologies, Inc. can help you out with your hard to find proprietary hardware needs. If you have any further questions about any of the boards we are listing here, please call us at 800-542-9703. Thank You



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